Black Truffle
Tuber Melanosporum Vitt

Since 27,23

The black truffle is also known as black Périgord truffle or Tuber melanosporum, which is its scientific name. It only grows in a few areas around the world. It has an intense and unmistakable aroma.

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Its external appearance is dark almost black, with a warty surface and pyramidal shape. Inside is black (gleba) with white branched veins.

Its aroma is unique, intense and incomparable. The authentic black truffle grows in the mountains of Teruel, Castellón, Guadalajara, Catalonia and Soria mainly, and it requires certain characteristics of soil, climatology and orography for them to fructify. It is also cultivated in optimal conditions in Teruel , under a free land, with a suitable amount of cold and humidity to confer truffles an unmistakable aroma and flavour.

It is a high-value gastronomic product that can be used to truffle other foods such as eggs, rice or liqueurs, or as a perfect complement for meats, pasta, fish, salads and even desserts. The black truffle is the cuisine most valued and appreciated truffle, with a penetrating and delicate aroma. Once you taste it, it’s difficult to forget, its value and profits are incomparable. Black truffles make any dish become gourment.


The Tuber melanosporum harvest season lasts only during the winter months, from December to March, but black truffles can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Truffle Conservation

The Tuber melanosporum harvest season lasts only during winter months, from December to March, but black truffles can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

Fresh black truffles remain in perfect conditions about ten days after their collection at a temperature of between 0 and 4°C procuring a minimum daily care and cleaning. Fungo guarantees your delivery in 24-72h after its collection. 

It is possible to freeze it and extend its conservation for about ten months. To do this, it is recommendable to wrap each truffle on tinfoil and introduce it into a freezer bag. It’s not necessary to defrost it to use it, but it can be grated directly frozen on the dish  and keep it away. 

Another way is to keep it in glass jars with brandy or extra virgin olive oil, which will give them aroma and use it to prepare good stews.

Delivery details


The black truffle is sent with urgent transport washed and in a refrigerated box in all of our shipments, with a delivery time of 24 to 72h from the moment of the purchase. 

We shipping  in Spain, except the Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. 


We deliver in  European countries (you can check the cost of delivery service in the check-out).

All our shipments are made with DHL and delivery  in 48 to 72h from the moment of the purchase. 

Directly the forest to you table or bussiness


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Tuber Melanosporum Vitt

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