Summer Truffle
Tuber aestivum Vitt

Since 18,18

The summer truffle or aestivum, is a truffle with excellent culinary qualities. Its flavour is intense with details that are reminiscent of hazelnut and its aroma is soft recalling smells of mountain.

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The summer truffle grows in a similar black truffle habitat, that is, near the roots of mediterranean forests. The Tuber aestivum is found from spring to autumn, but in Spain the season runs from mid-May till August. It’s kind of a common fungus but hard to find. It is associated in symbiosis with the common pine, black pine and hazel, so its production is purely mediterranean. The best ripening time goes from the end of June to the beginning of August. In this period and due to its maximum splendor, the summer truffle, once extracted, has a life of about a week.

The summer truffle is dark on the outside and with a more pronounced pyramidal crust, it easily differs from the black truffle in the inside, as it has a light brown, similar to vanilla, and white veins when ripe.

Truffle Conservation

Fresh summer truffles remain in perfect conditions one week after their delivery as long as the temperature ranges between 0 and 4°C procuring a minimum daily care and cleaning. Fungo guarantees your delivery in 24-72h after its collection. 

It is possible to freeze it and extend its conservation for about ten months. To do this, it is recommendable to wrap each truffle on tinfoil and introduce it into a freezer bag. It’s not necessary to defrost it to use it, but it can be grated directly frozen on the dish  and keep it away. 

Another way is to keep it in glass jars with brandy or extra virgin olive oil, which will give them aroma and use it to prepare good stews.

Delivery Details

The summer truffle is sent with urgent transport washed and in a refrigerated box in all of our shipments, with a delivery time of 24 to 72h from the moment of the purchase. 

FREE shipping in Spain for orders over €20  (except the Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which its cost can be consulted in our shipping conditions). 

We deliver in several European countries (you can check the countries with delivery service and their cost in the shipping conditions).

All our shipments are made with Correos Express


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Tuber aestivum Vitt

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