White Truffle
Tuber Magnatum Vitt

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The white truffle of Italy is also known as Tartufo Bianco di Alba or as Piedmont truffle. It’s the most expensive truffle due to its limited time of collection and its production is restricted to very few areas of Italy and Croatia.

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It grows in symbiosis with different oaks, hazels and poplars and it fruits in autumn. It can reach a diameter of 12 cm and weigh 500 grams, although it is usually much smaller. Its exterior is pale cream or yellowish, its interior (gleba) is whitish, sometimes pinkish with white veins.

Its aroma is authentic, unique and unsurpassed; a soft and penetrating smell that reminds of cheese. Its flavour is so intense that any food with which it’s cooked becomes a delicacy, a luxury, a privilege.

It’s a product of high gastronomic  value that can be used to truffle any food such as eggs or rice or as a perfect complement for meats, pasta, fish, salads and even desserts. The white truffle is, certainly, the most valued and appreciated truffle in cuisine, with a delicate but penetrating aroma.

The Tuber magnatum or white truffle harvest season extends only from late October to early December.

Truffle Conservation

The white truffle remains in perfect conditions about ten days after its collection at a temperature of between 0 and 4°C procuring a minimum daily care and cleaning. Fungo recommends to taste it fresh.

Delivery Details

The white truffle is sent with urgent transport washed and in a refrigerated box in all of our shipments, with a delivery time from 1 week to 10 days from the time of purchase. The period increases because our supplier, Francesco, brings it directly from Alba after its collection, for us to clean it and send it in perfect conditions. 

FREE shipping in Spain for orders over €20  (except the Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which its cost can be consulted in our shipping conditions). 

We deliver in several European countries (you can check the countries with delivery service and their cost in the shipping conditions).

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Tuber Magnatum Vitt

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