In FUNGO we advise you on everything you need. From the management to the delivery of a plantation, turnkey.

Field studies

This is the beginning of any truffle farmer’s proyect. It consists of an analysis previous to any cultivation. This is an essential service considering that otherwise, there will not be a minimum guarantee of success in the plantation. The soil must have certain parameters, such as pH, organic matter, soil type… Soil is almost 50% of success in production.

Dog training

Do you want to train your dog to look for truffles? Or are you looking for a perfectly trained dog? This faithful friend is essential for the collection of fungi and, in addition, they enjoy it even more than us. We collaborate with associations and dog shelters encouraging people to adopt these wonderful animals.

Advice on subsidies

Our management teams will help you with every autonomous region’s subsidies so that your trufficulture proyect becomes cheaper. There are some grants aimed at young people that are interesting.

Sale of mycorrhizal plants

If soil is almost 50% of success, a good mycorrhized plant is the other 50%. We have one of the best nurseries in Spain with which we will put you in contact so that you can get a certified plant with a higher rate of mycorrhization.

Maintenance of truffle plantations

Do you already have your plantation, but you can’t take care of the maintenance? Are you doing the right work to make truffles fruit? Do you need to boost your production? Our team will look after your plantation, don’t worry. We will analyze the mycorrhizae and estimate the viability and potential of your farm.

Sale of substrates and spores

Truffles are 100% organic. They take neither any type of fetilizer, nor pesticide and much less fungicides. It’s a natural product, however helping them with Tuber melanosporum spores increases their rate of production. Substrates provide the necessary nutrients for their fattening. Once again, we surround ourselves by the best and that is why we will offer you the best substrate.