Do you know about trufficulture? We explain step by step how to create your own truffle plantation.

- Analyse and prepare the terrain and choose a good plant. (1 year)

- Undertake the proper maintenance. (2-5 years)

It mainly consists in digging its perimeter to avoid other fungi associated with weeds.

- The first clearings show we are on the right track. (5-7 years)

Now just wait for the tree to mature enough to produce truffles. At this stage, we can start to add spores around the roots to help their reproduction. It should be noted that, in the countryside, wild boars spread spores and faeces with their snout from tree to tree, encouraging in this way their reproduction. If we want to taste some from the plantation, it’s better to fence the area so that our friends, the boars, don’t eat them all since they can detect them from kilometres away.

- Finally we see the first truffles. (7-10 years)

The best period is here, start collecting with your dog. When you get your first truffle, you realise it’s worth it. There are plantations that take longer than others, it depends on how well we have performed the previous phases. In this moment, we have to look to the sky and hope it rains during summer, period when mycelium grows and primodium is formed. Then, in winter, is time to collect the benefits from autumn rains.

- You have 20 years to collect black truffle every winter.

¿Do you dare? Call us and we will give you advise about anything you need. Many of our friends and customers are already truffle farmers.

Curiosities, myths and mysteries

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans already knew about truffles, granting them aphrodisiac powers:

The philosopher Aristotle said that it was “a fruit consecrated to Aphrodite”, and the Roman physician Galen, warned that the abuse in its consumption could lead to voluptuousness.

Pope Gregory IV ate truffles to increase his strength in the battles against the Saracens.

Muhammad, said that the truffles came from the MANN (that is, they came from Allah and not from the seed nor the work).

During the French Revolution Napoleon and the Marquis de Sade used them as a sexual stimulant.

In addition, Louis XV‘s mistress, Madame de Pompadour, afraid of being unable to keep up to the king’s lovemaking demands, used it her to warm her blood.